Speed Issues and Speed Test Best Practice

Speed Issues and Speed Test Best Practice

Use a remote session or have the customer navigate to one of the links below depending on the connection type. 

Test speed for cable or DSL connections by using www.speedtest.net 
For AT&T fiber test using https://www.att.com/support/speedtest/

Change the location from recommended and search for servers in Nashville.     Can run tests to Atlanta for comparison. 

Use the following servers in Nashville.
Nashville, TN - Spring
Nashville, TN - Comcast
Nashville, TN - iRis Networks

Run test from the second PC, preferably on the same wired or Wi-Fi connection as the first.  Test on a third device that is not using the same type of connection for reference if available.

Test latency by pinging their gateway and assigned IP with 25 pings.  If no issue found, that will be sufficient.  If packets are dropped or latency is high, test for another 100-1000 pings for a good baseline.

If the customer is engaged for ISP monitoring and poor speed, latency or connectivity issues are present contact the provider to troubleshoot before suggesting an onsite visit.  
If no speed, packet loss, or latency issue found - get permission for billable assessment of their PC and network.

For Ally DIA/MIS fiber, we can run a service call on-site to test speed, but it's billable if no issue is found.   
For fully accurate testing,  directly to the gateway (Fiber,DSL, Cable) connection with all internal network disconnected.      

Multiple factors in play with poor speed test results.   Layer 1, time of day, the server being used to test, PC being used to test.    


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