Ally Voice Quick Reference - Yealink T42 and T41

Ally Voice Quick Reference - Yealink T42 and T41

Quick Reference Guide

Yealink T41 & T42

Call Handling

Key Description

Blind Transfer

  1. Press Tran soft key during an active call. The call is placed on hold
  2. Enter the number you want to transfer to
  3. Press the Tran soft key

Press this key to use the speakerphone.

Press this key to activate headset mode.

Press this key to mute the microphone or a call.

Attended Transfer

  1. Press Tran soft key during an active call. The call is placed on hold
  2. Enter the number you want to transfer to
  3. When the second party answers, announce the call, then press the Tran soft key

Press this key to access voicemail.

Press this key to enter the placed call list.

Press the navigation keys to move up/down/ left/right.

Parking a Call

  1. During an active call press a Parking Lot slot that is not occupied and the call will be transferred to that Lot #. An occupied Parking Lot will have a solid red light on.
  2. To resume the call, press the Parking lot key where the call

was placed.

  1. Press during a call to adjust receiver volume of the handset/speakerphone/ headset.
  2. Press when the phone is idle or ringing to adjust the ringer volume.

Conference Call

  1. Press the Conf soft key during an active call
  2. Enter the extension or external number of the second party, then press the Send soft key
  3. Press the Conf soft key again when the second party

answers. All parties are now joined in the conference

  1. Hang up the Handset to disconnect all parties.


The message waiting indicator on the idle screen indicates that one or more voice messages are waiting at the message center. The power indicator LED slowly flashes red and the MESSAGE key LED lights up.

  1. Press    or the Connect soft key.
  2. Enter your voicemail password when prompted. By

default this will be your extension twice.

  1. To listen to your voice messages press 1. By default, new voicemails will play automatically.
  2. To listen to saved messages, press 2.
  3. To save a message, press 9.
  4. To delete a message, press 7.
  5. To change your mailbox settings, press 0.
  6. To go back a previous menu, press *.
  7. When finished, hang up or press #.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

1. To activate or deactivate DND, press the DND soft key when

the phone is idle.

Call History

While the phone is idle:

  1. Press the Call Log soft key
  2. Press  to switch between all, placed, missed and received call lists, then select Enter
  3. Select an entry from the list
  4. To place a call press the Dial soft key OR
  5. To view information about the entry select Option soft key, then Detail from the prompt list  OR
  6. To add to your Local Directory select Add to Personal

Recording Your Voicemail Messages

  1. Call into your voicemail (see above steps).
  2. Press 0 for Mailbox Options.
  3. Record your unavailable message. This is for when someone gets to your voicemail when you are not currently on another call.
  4. Record your busy message. This is for when someone gets to your voicemail and you are on DND or on another call.