Adjusting Time Frames - Individual Users

Adjusting Time Frames - Individual Users

Adjust or create time frame for your user account
Log in to the dashboard using     

On the menu bar, click 

Click the Name of a user who needs the time frame added to their individual user.

Click the Answering Rules link.

Click Add Rule .

Using the Time Frame drop-down list, select the time frame you would like to have applied to the user.   

Select the options you would like to happen during that time frame by using the check boxes.

If no time frame has been added, please refer to the add time frame KBA

Click Save .

Reorder the time frames as needed by clicking and dragging the time frames according the order that you would like the time frame to be applied.    

Time frames are applied in a hierarchical fashion, which means first rule will take precedence over the last rule depending on the time frame.