Adjusting Time Frames - Account-Level

Adjusting Time Frames - Account-Level

Log in to the dashboard either through the dashmanager and click manage pbx.    Select the domain you are needing to change time frames for by either entering in the domain name in the search box or selecting the domain from the list of domains.   

Once you are viewing the correct domain that you want to make changes for use the instructions below to create time frames.      To modify existing ranges use the same instructions below, except select the time frame you wish to change and select it by clicking on it.  
On the menu bar, click  .
Click Add Time Frame to add a new time frame.

In the pop-up window, enter the name for the time frame, such as "Business Hours" or "Holiday"       Select when the time frame occurs, examples are Always, Days of the week and times or Specific dates and Ranges.    If time frame is always you will not be greeted with any other options other than the name of the time frame. 

If you are setting the time frame for Days of the week and times you will be required to select the days and times that the time frame will be active by using check boxes for the days, and sliders for the time of day.  

If you are setting the time frame for specific dates or ranges you will need to select the specific dates based on a calendar range in the field boxes.     If the date is for consecutive 24 hour ranges you do not need to set the hours, only select the days for each box as the system will recognize that the date selected is within a 24 hour period and will adjust the time frame correctly once saved.     See example below

If the time frame requires certain hours you will need to adjust the date using the calendar and adjust the time using the sliders for the actual time the frame is to be applied.     

Click save when you are through adding the time frame with the appropriate ranges.         The order of time frames does not matter in the time frame tab, only on routing or individual users will the order of time frames affect call flow.